Rodrigo -The Love Carnival Destaque

We are delighted to announce that Rodrigo will be the Destaque for our Dance Ala at Pride 2019!

Rodrigo comes from a samba family in Brazil. His stepfather was Portela's and Tradicao composer which is the time when he first got involved with samba. Inspired by the music.

He paraded with Portela's passista ala for the first time and even when he didn't believe in himself, he always had support and encouragement from friends and family.

Later on he started parading with Imperatriz Leopoldinense but it was at Mangueira where he found himself, in his own words, a sacred place for 'sambistas sambar'.

He arrived in London in 2002 and joined Paraiso School of Samba. He has great involvement with the school and had many roles during his 17 years; from harmony director to the main coach of the passista ala.

Rodrigo still very much involved with Paraiso and also SOS Salve o Samba project as a samba no pe instructor.

Rodrigo says samba is his essence and love, so perfectly suited to our Love Carnival theme!

We are so excited to welcome him to come and parade with us!

Lots of love

the directors

Come join us!

If you would like to join in with the bateria or come and learn how to dance Samba, please contact us at and we can get you started! Come visit us at our website and find out more about us: If you like this story - please share and spread the samba love!

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