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The Love Carnival

The Theme

Beleza School of Samba will produce a full Carnival experience inspired by the Rio style of Carnival for Brighton Pride 2019.

The theme is: The Love Carnival - World stories of love, romance and tragedy.

The Samba Enredo

The song for this parade will be the very first music written by and for the school.

Ou Enredo exaltação “Beleza is, to have you with me” - Beleza is to have you with me - is the anthem of the school.

The song talks about our community in Brighton making history by creating a new samba School recognised and baptised in Rio Carnival.

This song has been recorded by our Padrinho (Godfather) Neguinho da Beija-flor, a living legend in Brazil and in samba all around the world.

Follow this link to learn the enredo song for the parade - Click here to learn the Enredo

We rely on our amazing friends and supporters to make this happen, including volunteers - if you able to be a volunteer, please also use the form below to let us know!

Next Steps

1. Have a look at the guide and decide where you would like to join us and perform. It is essential that you read and understand this guide.

2. Apply using the simple online form here:

The registration fee to take part in the Parade on Aug 3rd is £35 per person.

3. Come to the rehearsal on Friday 2nd August and the costume production workshops

4. Parade!

Lots of love

Leandro Beleza



Costume Launch and Carnival Fundraiser

It wouldn't be the same with out a party! Come along to a fabulous evening of dancing, music and to have a look at those amazing costumes ahead of the parade!

Keep up to date with the event and let us know you are coming here.

We are really excited about bringing this all together for Pride 2019! And hope you can join us for our Love Carnival!


If you would like to join in with the bateria or come and learn how to dance Samba, please contact us at and we can get you started! Come visit us at our website and find out more about us: If you like this story - please share and spread the samba love!

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