The Baptism

The Baptism - G.R.E.S. Beija-flor de Nilópolis our Godmother School in Rio

It is traditional in Brasil that new samba schools entering carnival parades receive titles such as "Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba". The same way, new schools are baptised by one of the current acting and already baptised schools.

This is a way of giving the blessing and recognition that new schools genuinely represents samba the way it's done in Brazil. It also sets a path of cultural learning inspired by the Godmother school.

In Feb 28th 2019, GRES Beleza School of Samba had the official ceremony of Baptism in Rio Carnival by the Godess of Sambadrome, the "sovereign" School - GRES Beija-flor de Nilópolis.

This was an unforgettable ceremony and incredible honour. With one year old, Beleza becomes their international affiliated school and the first international school known to have the ceremony in Rio Carnival.

This is a fantastic recognition and validation of the cultural work Beleza School of Samba delivers in UK.

Thank you to our family Beija-flor.

Our offical Padrinho (Godfather) - Neguinho da Beija-flor

Neguinho is a Samba artist with over 30 years as a singer, songwriter and interpreter. Amongst his many titles he is mostly known as "A voz da Sapucaí " (The Voice of Sambadrome). Neguinho is a living legend in the samba world and it was with his blessing that Beleza achieved the recognition and baptism with Beija-flor.

In Feb 28th 2019 Neguinho accepted the offical title of Beleza's Godfather.

This is again an incredible honour for Beleza and our samba community.

We thank our Padrinho for the blessing and wish him many more years of success.

We'll continue to work hard to make samba culture, our Godmother School and our Padrinho very proud.

Lots of love

the directors

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