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What to expect from class

So, you have decided to come along and give either bateria or dance classes a try - here is a brief rundown of what you need to know!

Bateria (drumming section)

You will be introduced to a few different instruments and you will take part in in performing several songs working with all the other drummers directed by Mestre Paul.

Learn more about what makes up the bateria here.

'I thoroughly enjoyed my first bateria class with Beleza. It was a truly mesmerising experience, working in sync with the other drummers and dancers. Mestre Paul conducts the group with so much passion and energy!' -Darryl

Dance class

After a warm up you will be introduced to the basic samba step which is practiced and broken down at the start of every class.

It takes a while to get and even the best samba dancers can always improve their technique so we always start with this.

We then usually put a few steps together and create a short choreography of basic steps, this helps cement the moves and steps into your memory in a fun way!

We sometimes have show dates that we are working towards so occasionally use the last part of the class to learn choreography for the shows. These will still be for all abilities and we always hope that new dancers will be able to join our shows!

'I was really excited, but also nervous to go to my first ever samba class with Beleza in March this year. Thinking back, I am so glad that I decided to join because I have loved every moment of it! Leandro's classes have a fun and relaxed atmosphere, you get to dance to amazing music and meet many welcoming, friendly people. The basic samba step is actually the most tricky one to learn, so you shouldn't feel defeated if you don't get it right straight away. I have really enjoyed the challenge of learning something new and it's super motivating to notice that you are improving. From learning the steps bit by bit to performing at Fringe and Pride!' - Jenni

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothes, come dressed for a workout and bring a small towel and lots of water to drink - it can get very hot in the studio.

The shoes

Please wear trainers for the warm up, after that we will wear heels. It is best to start with some that are comfortable for you with a heel hight that works for you like these. It is important that your ankle is supported.

At class you will see the more experienced dancers wearing shoes like this.

These are better for once you have mastered the basic steps and will always need to be very supportive of the feet and ankle.

Please email us if you have any questions, we will be happy to talk you through in more detail what to expect and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional needs or requirements.

If you would like to join in with the bateria or samba dance classes and performances, please contact us at and we can get you started!

Come visit us at our website and find out more about us:

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