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Bateria or Samba Bateria Is the drumming group in the heart of the Rio Carnival.

The bateria is the heart and soul of any Samba School and we are setting ours up now!

Under the direction of Mestre Paul, you be part of the magic from the start.

Beleza will have our own bateria and we would love you to join us!

Come along to our open day and find our more!

The Bateria consists of:

SURDOS Big bass drums tuned in three different tones Middle and lowest drum marking the beat and the top higher drum giving solos n extra beats

REPINIQUE Drum played with hand and stick, this drum calls the band to start or stop and also to give various breaks to add variety to the sound of the Bateria.

CAIXA or snare drum This drum is played with two sticks and glues the band together filling up the sound, there are many different rolls and patterns and ways to play Caixa Usually 2 or 3 caixa patterns are played at the same time.

TAMBORIM Small hand held drum played with a nylon flexible stick, loud high and fast sound giving clave patterns n virados.

CHOCALHO Metal shaker play with 2 hands filling up the Bateria sound with constant notes.

AGO-GO Metal bell with a high n low tone It adds flavour n variety to the Bateria sound. BELEZA's Weekly practice will be 50 minutes of beginners workshop open to all followed by 50 minutes of advanced bateria practice. Each instrument roll will be explained and taught within the Bateria and chances will be given to move around and try different instruments each week.

If you would like to join in with the bateria, please contact us at and we can get you started!

Come visit us at our website and find out more about us:

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