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Beleza means beauty

Who are we and what are we all about?

Beleza means beauty, but it is also a greeting in Brazil. Used as: How are you? - Or literally "Beleza?!" - Is everything beautiful in your life? We are an authentic Samba School based in Brighton and inspired by Rio Samba Schools. We teach culture, dance routines, costume production, preparation for stage, confidence building and consequently promoting the well being of body and mind! We are proud to promote community spirit by supporting local charities with fundraising activities. This is the true Carnival spirit of Brazil that brings people together. Our philosophy Our primary mission is to to share the joy of traditional samba with all sections of the local community.

We are passionate about bringing the community together to participate and enjoy the performance of samba. Everyone can get involved in dance, costume making, playing instruments and the general organization and formation of community projects. We offer high quality dance workshops to teach people how to dance samba and how to perform the intricate samba steps and choreographies with elegance and joy. We aim to work hard and have fun as we learn about Brazilian culture and share it with our audiences. The founder of Beleza is a professional Brazilian teacher, choreographer and performer who is dedicated to offering high quality samba to beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers irrespective of age, gender, race, religious and cultural background. Throughout the year we invite dance teachers with expertise in teaching and performing Brazilian samba to run workshops focused on perfecting the samba steps and improving performance skills.

Participation in a samba community and dance can facilitate professional and personal development, improve well-being, confidence, self-esteem and connection and increase physical activity. Beleza provides the community with a chance to participate in carnival parades, perform at a variety of community and private events and raise money for charitable projects. We successfully secured funding to support a community based project to encourage women with young children to learn samba, participate in costume making and perform and we have supported Martlets, our local hospice, with fundraising events and our samba performances.

Come visit us at our website and find out more about us:

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